So much of our life is spent in public spaces today. Whether at work or play, many of our endeavors away from home are in places specifically for the general population. After any period of time passes, hours or even days, we are ready to get away from it all, relax and retreat to our comfort zones.

After being incorporated with the public for any length of time and having to meet the world on its own terms, it is such a relief to get home, kick back and enjoy your own personal space.

Busy executives, professionals and determined entrepreneurs are good examples of people who are away from home most often. Career people. Dedicated to the cause. I wonder how often they actually allow time to themselves to relax, take a time out and enjoy their personal spaces.

Not to forget the blue-collar workers. The backbone of America. Battling the elements every day, looking forward to the creature comforts at the end of their shift.

So let us define these spaces. It does not necessarily have to be a whole house or apartment. Perhaps it will be your recliner, or sitting at the kitchen table. Wherever it is, the surroundings are familiar and the sounds are comfortable and sweet. Your mind can drift away and the ringing in your ears from the hustle of traffic disappears.

Comfort and peace can overcome you with just a short nap, a soft pillow, a warm home cooked meal or a pizza delivery. A good book or a TV program allows your thoughts to wander. You are beginning to relax now, and your eyes, knowingly or not, look around at the objects in your personal space.

Pictures of your family or close friends may adorn a wall or two. These alone help you keep your life in perspective as to who you really are and where you came from. If you notice, the music from your stereo system does the same thing as it plays an old familiar song.

On your desk or countertop, maybe even a junk drawer, holds a keepsake of yours. The bag of marbles you had when you were a kid or an autograph from one of your early heroes. You are comfortable keeping these things and would be close to being devastated if somehow they were destroyed or came up missing. They mean a lot to you. Peace and perspective.

You have decorated your personal space. Intentional or not, you have created a space of comfort and a retreat from the absurdity of the world. Not consciously aware of homemaking at the moment, you may decide someday to paint the walls, carpet the hardwood floors or maybe move the candy dish from the living room to the kitchen. The wrought iron candleholder can be dusted tomorrow along with the coffee table. The dishes can be washed later. Reminding yourself how well you take care of your personal dwelling, you promise yourself things will get done. Just not tonight.

You are totally relaxed now in your personal space. Hopefully you realize how gainfully you deserve it. You worked hard today. Or played hard. Tomorrow is another day, but for now the hour is yours.