A eulogy is one of the most difficult things you will ever have to write. Like a speech, it has to be written well and have an impact upon the audience, but the subject matter is all about someone who has died recently. A eulogy does not have to be formal, nor does it have to be dark and depressing. In your eulogy you should be sure to always put a positive spin on the person you are writing the eulogy for.

1. What Makes A Good Eulogy?

In order to write a good eulogy, you will want to start by thinking about what it is that you want to say. Chances are, if you have been tasked with writing the eulogy you were very close to the deceased and know them very well. Some people suggest that you should make the eulogy as personal as possible while still maintaining some generalizations to make sure that even those that didnt know the deceaced will be moved by the speech.

2. Add Style To Your Eulogy

If you want you can give your eulogy a unified theme, for example, you could make it on a serious note or you could be more jovial. Be sure to recount any very significant events in the life of the person who died. Never include any content that might be questionably disrespectful to the dearly departed or those in attendance at the funeral.

3. Appeal To The Audience

The most essential part of writing a eulogy is to touch upon the life of the deceaced. It isn’t just about how the person has affected you but what that person did to affect others. Try and see if you can work your speech to help those feeling a loss in their lives move on a little easier.

4. Make Sure Your Ideas Connect Logically

One secret to writing sucessful eulogies is to, conversely, make sure the eulogy meets the most basic criteria. Your eulogy should, at the very least, go over some ideas and memories about the deceaced as well as presenting that information in a way that is coherent.

5. Make Sure It Is Perfect

When finishing up writing the eulogy you will want to ensure that your paragraphs connect in a logical fashion. It will sound odd if you are talking about something one minute and then move on to a completely different topic the next. Also, be sure to practice reading your eulogy aloud.