About 10 months ago my family and myself moved to Brunswick, Georgia. We informed everybody of our new address including our insurance company. You would think that since we informed the insurance company that we were no longer in Florida that we would now reside in Georgia that they would of then said “Hey, we need to change his policy to a Georgia one at this time”. Did they do this? Hell no, instead I find out when it is time for me to pick up my prescriptions for the month and Walgreens asked if I’d be paying cash for everything.

The cash amount for all the medications that I take on a daily basis would amount to well over $1,000 for the entire month.. With my insurance my Co pay would have only been like $14. Imagine my surprise when I learned from Walgreens that my prescription insurance was no longer valid. I have been paying my premiums each and every month like clockwork so this did not make sense to me at all. Needless to say, my morning and part of my afternoon was spent talking to the insurance company, to Medicare, and to Social Security. After everything is said and done it turns out that I will not be covered for the month of March.

Getting a Georgia address was not just getting a new mailing address. I indeed did move to Georgia. Why the insurance company still kept me in a Florida policy is beyond me. The insurance company isn’t the only one that failed at common sense. I just received this email today from a marketer who said he will give me a free list of all the resources he feels are invaluable. When you click the link in the email it takes you to this page where you see this great site at a cost of like $97 and this marketing book also with a cost of almost a hundred dollars. Then at the end of the email this marketer is trying to sell you all this stuff for less than $200 if you buy from him. Are these really great resources or is he just trying to sell you more crap?

Are there actually a lot of people in this world that believes that everyone else is an idiot? Don’t you love those email that say you can get something or another completely free then after you have entered your email address into a squeeze page so you can get this supposed free info you are taken to a one time offer page trying to sell you something? I think the real idiots are the people at these insurance companies and these supposed smart marketers.

In the town that I live there are pedestrian crossings all over the place but there are no sidewalks. So we are just supposed to walk in the street except for when we come to an intersection. They don’t care about the fact that we can be killed while just walking to the store just as long as we are not killed while crossing an intersection.

In one of the local shopping centers when I am trying to get out of the line of parked cars. The cross traffic in the center could pause for a minute to let me make the turn but no they just keep on going making me wait like 10 minutes just to make that damn turn. What ever happened to politeness. Do people even have values any more. Are we all just trying to take care of number one and the hell with everybody else?

I, too, am sometimes guilty of things which should be common sense to me. My wife and I probably spend between $10 and $15 a day on Cappuccino or an Americano for myself. When you figure out how much we are spending per day and multiply this times 30 we are spending between $300 and $450 per month for this stuff. For this kind of money we could get one of those high end machines for our home and by the second month see our savings.