Many people say they know everything there is to know about writing a newspaper article, and they say they can teach you how to do it in a short period of time. And there are many Web tools for nearly any type of feature article you might want to write. However, unless you’re writing an article about something relatively simple, there really is no short cut in learning to write. There is much more involved with writing a newspaper article than you might think.

There is an art to writing, and like learning any art, you have to be dedicated and persistent to become proficient. And you can’t write a newspaper article without learning to write a good, solid sentence first. It’s surprising how many people will just write on and on when they could communicate what they want to say in just a few well-chosen words. If you want to get an article into a newspaper, you’ll have to avoid this run-on kind of writing because no editor in the world will accept your piece if it shows signs of rambling. Editors look for concise writing that uses as few words as possible to get the point across. Here’s a tip. Once you think you’ve finished your feature article, go back and cut out at least one-third of it. You’ll be surprised how many words you’ve written are unnecessary, and this approach will ensure that your article will be accepted the first time you submit it to the editor.

Newspaper writing is not the only kind of writing that might interest you, but all types of writing require skill. For example, you might think that writing advertising copy will be easy. However, you still need to apply the principles of good, solid writing to this field. If you want to write advertising copy, you still need to learn how to do it. You can’t just dive into it and expect to succeed when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Whatever you decide to write, there are some steps that you should always follow. First, take your time and make sure your writing is clear and concise. If you are writing for a newspaper, go back over your writing and cut it by one-third. When you’re finished, have someone that you trust read it over to check for spelling and grammar errors as well as to see if it flows well. Then you’ll have a better idea of whether or not your article is good.