Sometimes I wonder if my online home business is going anywhere. I question if Im doing anything right or if itll just become another one of my failures in life. Ill admit, there have been times where Ive felt that I should cut my losses and move on. But then I think about why Im trying to succeed in making money online in the first place.

The idea of pulling in money from the internet has fascinated me for the longest time. The thought that I could sit on a computer and do a minimal amount of work, compared to having a real job, and earn money I that I can put in a bank, buy whatever my heart desired, or help others out, was a thought that I wanted to make into a reality. I remember several years ago I saw some infomercial with Chuck Woolery on selling items on Ebay and how it could bring one financial freedom. I spent a long time researching how to profit from Ebay, and the idea of drop shippers and wholesalers and all that marketing mumbo jumbo. Unfortunately, that idea never got off the ground with me. Looking back, I guess it was too much for me to handle at the time.

Sometime later I saw a video on Youtube about some professional video gamer and how he has his own brand of computer and gaming hardware (look for “Playing Video Games for a Living” on Youtube). He said that his business would be a good way to secure his future now, since someday his hand eye coordination and reflexes will not be as good as they are now. Not only that, but he can make money doing something he loves. Now Im a big gamer myself and I too know that, as sad as it is for me to think about, that my quick thinking skills, eyesight, and reflexes will begin to decline someday, so I wont be able to play as well as I did in my prime. I try to make money online in hopes that Ill be able to not only help pay my way through life, but that Ill be able to make money by doing something I spend way too much time doing, which is being on the computer.

Am I crazy for doing this? Probably. Am I foolish for doing this? Probably even more so. But when I see that I have one more sign up, its proof beyond all reasonable doubt that it is possible to make a decent amount of money through the internet. Thats one more sign up towards my goal, and that makes all the work I put into this all worthwhile. It could take months, maybe even years before I start making a generous profit, but its from little acorns that big oak trees grow.