Welcome to the water park capital of the world. Welcome to the city of Wisconsin Dells. Wisconsin Dells is indeed not only the water park capital of the world but a city offering the highest variety of fun for the entire family. A city, you will dream to come again and again to seek the wildest pleasure and exciting adventures. This is the city of Wisconsin Dells, proudly located on the Wisconsin River in central Wisconsin with its unique community. Wisconsin Dells has a population of three thousand inhabitants which swells to many thousands with the ever increasing flow of tourists. That is why fun never ends at the city of Wisconsin Dells.

Why so much to say about Wisconsin Dells that it is mostly incomparable with other theme parks and resorts? The reason is quite explainable. Wisconsin Dells is an unparalleled destination with a stunning natural beauty and more than 80 attractions. From the heart-pounding excitement to stunning natural beauty, think of Wisconsin Dells as the best of Disney next to Yellowstone and you’ll get the picture. Wisconsin Dells may be known for its king size water parks but the city offers more fun and adventure in the form of amusement parks, live entertainment, go-cart, scenic tours, mini golf and many more activities and events which will completely fill out your schedules the day you reach Wisconsin Dells. Wisconsin Dells is such a place which is filled with natural beauty and many fun activities in a very cozy area. If you think that participating in the theme and water parks is the number one activity in the city of Wisconsin Dells, look around and you will find that you may be wrong. The activity which tops the chats in Wisconsin Dells is shopping which is more fun with the shops and malls in the downtown area of the city. From the Downtown Shopping District lined with quaint fudge shops to world-class spas with luxurious product lines, feel free to be a bit indulgent. After all, you’re on vacation! In Wisconsin Dells summers remain the most popular time of the year but the other three seasons are also happening with the eclectic mix of events and festivals which make the Wisconsin Dells a destination of year round fun and excitement.

With around the year tourists, Wisconsin Dells is a place which is packed with a number of hotels, theme resorts, wilderness hotels and motels. If you are in Wisconsin Dells then it is better to experience the wilderness hotels in the city which are a perfect combination of great natural flamboyance and excellent service for an unforgettable experience. There are many hotels located in the wilderness of Wisconsin Dells which are suited to every budget. Dining in the restaurants, over 100 of them in the city, is a treat to your taste buds with some excellent food being served from al the continents. Some of the recommended wilderness hotels, cottages and resorts in Wisconsin Dells are Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort, Baraboo Hills Campground, Cedar Lodge & Settlement c/o Lake Pointe Mgmt, Delton Oaks Resort, Eagles Nest, Island Pointe Resort c/o Lake Pointe Mgmt, Kathy’s Kozy Kottages and many more. So enjoy every minute of your stay in Wisconsin Dells wilderness resorts and feel like being in the lap of nature.