Here is a rundown on some of the best hand drills availble:

  • The Heavy Duty Hand Drill with Chest Plate features a 1/2″ chuck. The gear mechanism is totally enclosed in a heavy duty metal casing to keep dirt away. The drill features two speeds: one full revolution of the hand crank on the faster speed generates 5-1/2 complete chuck turns. On the slower velocity, one full revolution generates 2-1/4 full chuck turns. You change the speed simply by moving the crank to the other side. It s a lot of drill for the money – this drill will cost you approximately $100. Now all you need is a big right arm to run it.
  • The Hand Drill is more “everyday”. These drill’s also have three jaws for high tension and precision. The gears are smooth running and the butt handle is made from Beech. The price isn „¢t bad either, normal costing around $25.00. A hands drill is an asset to a tool box for the hard to get into places.
  • The Bit Brace drill comes with an excellent 4-jaw chuck and includes a closed ratchet mechanism, and allows the brace to work in confined spaces with ease. It has a ball bearing mounted head and this drill goes for approximately $80.00.