Buying an audio book on CD is a good idea for a multitude of reasons. Although many people expect that the visually impaired gain the most use out of audio books on CD, just about anyone can benefit from the enjoyment provided. An audio book on CD can provide entertainment for a group of people and can especially benefit a family with a number of members that may fight over who gets to read a new book first. Sitting together and listening to an audio book on CD means that the whole family spends some time together and more importantly that nobody gets to enjoy the story without involving the others.

Most bookshops now supply audio books on CD, although many libraries also offer audio books as part of their book selection. It may be a better idea for someone to rent out an audio book for the first time before actually buying one just in case they do not enjoy it. Audio books on CD are really popular these days, especially when the voice is provided by someone famous. Because they are on CD, people can listen to these books on the go, whether they are walking to work, traveling on the bus or even when they are in bed and waiting to fall asleep.

Comparing Audio Books on CD to Regular Books

It is hard to compare audio books on CD to a normal piece of literature that requires reading because inevitably it is down to personal preference. A lot of people prefer to put in the effort reading the words themselves and imagining the story in their minds while others are quite content to simply listen to the words, tones and inflections of another person to get genuine enjoyment out of a story. Families can all gather around together to listen to an audio book on CD while they can only read a book one person at a time.

Price is usually roughly the same although some audio books can be a lot more expensive than actual paperbacks and so this may be a deciding factor for a frugal person. If a person cannot concentrate on reading a book due to background noise from their family or neighborhood then listening to an audio book on CD using a set of headphones could be the best option as that will not disturb anyone either. As long as the CD-Player has batteries, then audio books can still be of use even during a blackout, while reading a book is dependant on a decent light source. People who are having trouble with their sight may definitely be interested in audio books on CD rather than trying to read as normal and aggravating their eyesight problems.