Quite simply because fashion exists, With every new fashion we are bombarded with a never ending parade of weird and wonderfull hairstyles that we would never in a million years be able to keep up with. Long hair short hair pink hair whatever the style the beauty of the wig is in its capacity to keep up with the latest trends. I dont see many people wearing them you might say to yourself ! so is it simply not cool to wear such an accessory? Absolutly not The reason that wigs do not seem prevelant is simply because they are just too well designed. With the latest technologies and tools it is now possible to create an array of superbly crafted specimens that are oblivious to all but the wearer. One reason is the investment made by the film industry, The sums invested in special effects and costumes nowdays have caused the science of wig making to rise to a whole new platau..

You see there are more wigs out there that you could possibly imagine. Over the past 6 years wig purchases have risen by a staggering 30% and are being bought by absolutely everyoneWe simply love em.

What about the guys?

As I have said the art of wigmaking is reaching new heights. No more do we see those emabarressing and ludicrus creations so often worn by our favourtite newsreader or gameshow host. Designs that look so wild and angry that they seem capable of jumping off the wearers head and attacking anyone who might get in their way. Men can now wear wigs [ toupes ] with as much confidence and masculin gain as the most pamperered of movie stars . Nowdays it is quite normal for a mens section to be included in many of the top hairpiece websites and it is also very easy to arrange a private and totally advantageous fitting consultation .

Buying wigs is now even simpler with the aid of the internet. We can now choose a design with great ease and forward the necessary fitting requirements to the vendor in a matter of seconds. In no time at all the mailman is knocking at our door with your eagerly awaited Brand new image.

You can go from frumpy to stunning in a matter of minutes and without the need, repeated expense and time consuming effort of a trip to your local hairdresser. Dont be afraid to dive in and choose the next YOU..they say that image can change your life so why not give it a go and see where it takes you.

Sometimes too there are folk who require cosmetic hairpiece assistance for totally medical reasons. You will find that the professional attitude of the industry has improved in leaps and bounds. You see there is a real difference between the person buying for added glamour and the person who is trying to adjust to an illness be it temporary or permanent. The majority of suppliers will be totally able and more than capable of aiding you in every aspect of a situation that you as a person would not normally find yourself in [ Dont forget not everybody has a budding Pamela Anderson inside who is eager to jump out and make herself known to the world ] . Sometimes we find ourselves in uneasy situations but with the right help and assistance more times than not the results can be quite astounding. Many people even continue to use wigs even when their illness is long gone and a distanst echo . You see the cosmetic benefits to wearing a wig can be literally become a life changing event and in fact the silver lining to a once cloudy situation.

Wigs have been with us for hundreds of years for many kinds of reasons and until the time comes when mankind might have evolved into some kind hairless superbeing then wigs are here to stay .[ Who knows by then they may even end up being a required item of our attire just like a simple pair of shoes or pants?]

Raymond L’arou

Hair Design and special effects consultant.

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