You might that it is silly to buy two printers I have a simple reason why, like many others, chose to have two printers instead of just one. One is set up for color printing while the other is black and white.

Another reason is to keep the printers healthy. With the printers assigned differently, it reduces the strain on them by distributing the work. It isnt one printer doing 100% of the work and getting all the paper jams, errors and other physical injuries within the system. Its two printers working to help each other out, getting more breaks and keeping the engine from overworking. This lengthens their longevity while increasing the quality of their products.

People do this for many reasons. The first reason, and maybe the least helpful for the printer, is just organization. Having one printer set for color makes it easier to focus all color tasks to it and not have to worry about changing printer settings, worrying about readjusting the quality of changing settings, and trying to remember if it might be out of ink for the certain task. With each printer have its own purpose, it is easier to manage it and keep it stocked and properly aligned.

The drawback, of course, is space. Two printers take up at least double the space of one printer. It can be even more of a hassle when one printer is a bit larger than the average sized printer. Properly preparing for this and setting aside the right space along with keeping the computer desk and area organized and tidy is the best solution to this problem. Once you keep in mind of how hard or easy it will be to load the fresh paper and ink into the printer and how much space it will take up when the papers are printed, usually because of a pull out paper catcher, the space issue really isnt a problem.

Another drawback can be the cost. Two printers are more expensive than just one, but there are usually lots of great deals to help with this. When buying a new computer, or sometimes even going to get a new printer and equipment, one can find lots of good deals going on. Finding one that can get you a second printer at a discount may not always be easy, but when it is there it is quite the opportunity. Even without and the cost seeming a bit more than one would want to spend, the outcome is well worth it. The longer-lasting printers with less problems will quickly be worth their cost.

Two printers may not be for everyone, and maybe some people still dont agree with the benefits outweighing the drawbacks, but it is a much smarter move in the long run especially if you are planning on printing things out a lot. Whether a college student or someone starting up a home business, or even just the casual person that likes to write or make homemade cards for people, it is a great idea to get two printers. The less downtime with readjusting and fixing problems, the easier your life will be.