Why outsourcing companies are preferring freelancers when compared to a company or firm?

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing the literal meaning is getting work done or buying services from an outside service provider rather than using own resources. Usually outsourcing is done when the company is running in low profits with lean worker and working environment and in some cases to get work done with less cost and high quality.

Who are freelancers?

Freelancers are those who work independently and with less pay or salary for any outsourcing companies. These freelancers are usually from small countries which has low value to there currency.

Freelancing now a days is at its boom, why because people are coming forward to work independently and earn a substantial income through there efforts when compared with those who work in a company. The only drawback for freelancers is there won’t be regular income for them. Some times they may run bankrupt or may have to wait for time to get some work for them. There are many benefits and disadvantages as usual with any work. Few benefits I will mention in my view here.

  1. Be your own boss,

  2. No headaches.
  3. No bossism.
  4. Work independently when ever you can.
  5. You can get good income depends upon your efforts.
  6. Be at home work less and sleep more.

Risks in freelancing:

  1. You will not get work when ever you want.

  2. People who send work can cheat you anytime by not paying money.
  3. There is no security of work as well as money.

Now the question arise where and how we can get work, now a days there are many websites on internet who says we will provide you work send us some money. I have done lots of research and found that many of them are either fake or never get back to us when they get the initial money or simply refer to some other company, which does the same. Beware of such websites and companies.

I have found such a website on internet which gives such security and comfort level for the people and the outsourcing companies as well. http://www.get1freelancer.com best one and http://www.freelanceworld.org is also a good one. These websites are paying money just to refer some outsourcing companies and service providers as well. That’s additional money, which a freelancer can earn.

In my view there should be some balance and security for our money, how does it sounds get some work and no need to pay any initial amounts to any one and get money when the work completes with third party as security for the payment. Mostly security from third party will work well instead of one-sided payments.

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