One way to save money on your credit card bill is to not take the payment protection insurance, this is a waste of money and the only one who will benefit from this is the credit card company.

Some people don’t realise that they are actually paying the payment protection insurance it can be hidden in with other costs, those of us that do realise we pay it think it’s a must why! Because the credit card company says so, we assume that if we loose our jobs or fall ill and have to have time of work, that with the (PPI) in place that we are covered well this is not all ways the case. Most people who take this cover with their credit card think they’re totally covered if something bad should happen, well I am here to tell you that you’re not a lot of people think their debt will be paid off for them, but most companies only pay a years payment then you have to pay the rest of the balance. Even if you’re still off sick or not working it’s your responsibility.

Most companies take a while to sort your claim out so at the start you will still have to find the money for your payment, and if you’re only off sick or out of work for a few months, you’ll properly find you’ll be back at work before your claim is sorted.

The amount you pay for your payment protection insurance is usually between 70p-80p for every £100 owed, these charges are usually hidden in with other charges for your credit card, and only come to light when the amount that you owe is at a high level. This is another way the credit card companies gain their profits.

If you pay your balance off in full at the end of every month I would not bother even looking at this policy, and if you’re self-employed I would not bother with this policy either as you’ll not be covered if you become unemployed.

I understand that when you take out a credit card you’re looking for a bit of security, but nine times out of ten times these payment protection insurances will not cover you and will only cost you money in the end. There are some companies that are more trustworthy than a (PPI) including Pay-protect and Good insurance they will pay more to your debt and at half the price you would pay on an payment protection insurance cover.

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