A city’s tourist appeal is directly linked to the number of entertainment and recreational opportunities available. After all, people travel to other places to have fun and relax and enjoy new experiences. Manchester is a vibrant city that is filled with entertainment options and it is sheer joy to be in this city. There is simply too much diversity of entertainment in Manchester from art, dance, cinema, music, museums, theater, performing arts, and sports.

A prime example is the Lowry at Salford Quays that opened in 2000. It is located close to the Old Trafford football stadium and the Imperial War Museum North. The Lowry is most famous for the largest collection of original paintings by L. S. Lowry. While art is certainly prominent, there is much more available. The Lowry also includes two theaters that regularly show touring plays and also comedians and musicians. The Lyric is known as having the biggest stage in English and the second theater is called the Quay.

Manchester United is the famous football club. It has the usual history of a club playing an unpredictable game and there have been decades where they were unsurpassed heroes and also decades when they were hard remembered by anyone. The admirable thing is that they always stopped short of disbanding. It is a club that has been blessed with one savior after another that appeared just when there seemed no hope for the club’s future.

The music in Manchester is as diverse as everything else and you can enjoy classical, opera, rock, pop, and jazz.

Manchester Academy, Band on the Wall, Labatt’s Apollo, and Roadhouse are the favorite gathering spots for leading proponents of rock, pop, and jazz.

Manchester Academy is the place to go and enjoy the famous Indie and dance bands. Labatt’s is better known for hosting several popular British and American singers and also Asian superstars. Nightly blues and jazz jam sessions are conducted at the Band on the Wall. The Roadhouse is a place where upcoming stars go to practice their musical skills. Then there are the countless pubs, bars, and nightclubs scattered throughout the city and all of them have their own live bands.

The history of Manchester is well told through its several museums as well as the critical milestones and landmarks of English. The University of Manchester owns the Manchester Museum and it has more than 6 million items from 7 continents that include artifacts from India, Egypt, Africa, Mediterranean, Australia, and Americas.

If you are one those partying crowd,be sure to have a wild time in the dazzling clubs and nightspots of Manchester. The most popular ones include Rock World, Phoenix, South, Paradise Factory. The Prague V is frequented by gays. The Ritz, Club Underground, 5th Avenue, and The Brickhouse are favored by students.

The larger theaters in Manchester include the Royal Exchange Theater, the Palace Theater, and the Manchester Opera House that often features West End touring shows. The smaller theaters include the Contact Theater, the Green Room, and Dancehouse.

The Royal Northern College of Music has 4 theaters for opera and classical music.

Thus you see, Manchester is indeed a great place to visit. So, ready to book your tickets to Manchester for your next holiday?