For over 2000 years people have been programmed WRONGLY to respond with fear to the number (and date) of 666. The truth is there is cause for celebration.
It all started with a crazy man named John using kabalistic writings to cloak the name of the roman emperor as “The Mark of The Beast” and ever since those who did not have the freedom to look deeper chose to fear the number 666.
In doing so they have wasted their emotions and energy and created the belief that a number had more power than they did.
Numbers are arbitrary. Why choose fear when you can choose freedom?
Here are a few examples of how to choose 666 (and the date June 6th 2006) as a very positive and special day.
* Come on, guys. These are just NUMBERS! In voodoo if you want to scare someone you write 222 as your number. Why aren’t you afraid of 222?
* The date only comes around once in a while, June 6th 1966, June 6th 2006. But it s been around before and we’ve survived just fine.
* If you know how people will respond to 666 then why not exploit it? Let’s have FUN on June 6ht 2006! Welcome it!

* Occultist Alester Crowley, used 666 as his “number” to get a huge amount of recognition as an author. The controversy made him interesting. He even called himself “The Beast” to add to his fame. It worked magic!

* Use 666 as a great marketing tool. The movie The Omen is coming out on 6.6.06 and they are playing the 666 idea like a violin. They know how to use it and have fun and make money.
Because most people fear 666 does not mean they have to fear it.
Think of it as an inside joke that only you, and a few other smart people, get. That way anytime you see it or hear it you’ll remember this article and get a good laugh.
You can also get more laughs by thinking of what other words people respond to with a knee jerk reaction, like “cults”, “brainwashing” and “mind control”.
Notice how YOU respond when you hear those words.
Stay tuned for all the special media coverage that will happen around 666. You ll be amazed.
In fact on 6.6.06 will have a special announcement ON THAT DAY ONLY for people interested in the topic of MIND CONTROL.
JK Ellis

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