Pleated shades are excellent for bathrooms. Their dependence on a high level of privacy means bathrooms often have problems with a lack of natural light, becoming dark and dreary places. Pleated shades made of sheer or semi-private materials offer the ability to permit sufficient light while providing a sense of security. This is especially true as it pertains to pleated tones with the ‘top down’ feature. These shades can be attracted from the top of the window to a comfortable height to be able to permit adequate natural light in while prohibiting any outside views. Pleated tones can also come in handy in nurseries. The light diffusing properties make it not too light and not too dark for small children. Nurseries (and homes with small kids and/or pets generally) can also take advantage of the level of basic safety provided by cordless pleated shades. Shades that require no cord and are drawn yourself make cord basic safety a nonissue.