Traveling can be one of the most stressful and relaxing activities any of us can do. Why is it stressful? The packing, making reservations, traveling (if by plane), getting set up and then leaving back to home. But it doesnt have to be this way however, if your looking for a stress free travel then just follow these simple steps, they work for me, and I learned the hard way. But note that a vacation is stressful for most, but why. Simple, they overspend, and this does not create a peaceful feeling, but anxiety, and this is no way to spend a vacation.

1. Plan ahead; make sure that you plan at least 3-4 months in advance before you vacation. Proper planning can reduce the stress level of many trips that you may take in the future. It can ensure a cheaper airline flight and even hotel accommodation too. This is one of the stress killers; plan properly.

2. Make sure that if you have a weeks vacation that you dont travel too far. Destinations such as Hawaii, Japan and other islands can be a real killer because of jetlag, especially if you are traveling from the east coast. You are looking at at least a 2 day recovery if you dont take the proper supplements and this can be a real hassle when you want to enjoy yourself the first day you get there. Jet lag can is hard on the mind as well.

3. If you do plan on traveling to the islands then make sure you have at least 4 days designated for travel and recovery. If you only have a week off then this will only allow for 3 days of pure enjoyment. If a weeks vacation is all you have then try not to travel outside the mainland. Believe me, it is not worth it. A little sacrifice of destination can mean more fun times and better mental and physical health while on your vacation.

4. Delegating funds for travel. A vacation should not cost you but benefit you while you are away from the daily grind of work. Personally I save at least 5 months in advance. While on vacation, I make sure that I never spend more than I bring. This ensures that I will not be hurting for money when I return. I also have a separate checking account delegated to my travel fund.

Taking head to these small steps can greatly benefit anyone. The sad thing is that these steps are easily written but sometimes hard to follow. I have noticed that when I have all of my bases covered that my time traveling is a breeze and I find that I am refreshed and dont regret my vacation when I return. So enjoy and plan plan plan, this is the key to a wonderful family vacation.