The vast majority of individuals prefer privacy overall. But in a marriage or serious relationship, although privacy is important, so is honesty.

Most households today have a personal computer. Some homes have a home network where more than one person has a computer. People use the computer for many things including gaming, chatting, entertainment, news, business and more.

In a relationship, trust is key. If you don’t trust your husband, your wife or your significant other, you have a serious problem that needs addressing. Many couples today suffer problems and while some are easily resolved, others are not. If you feel like you cannot trust your spouse or suspect that they are being unfaithful to you, it’s important to find out the truth. Nagging suspicions can plague your every day and truly impede the quality of your life.

If you are concerned that your spouse is either downloading or looking at images on the computer that go against your belief system or that they are having an affair with someone you can find out. You can install software on your computer that acts as surveillance and can track down their passwords, tell you who they are chatting or e-mailing and exactly what’s being discussed.

If you are concerned your spouse might have a gambling problem and is gambling online but denying this, you also need to know the truth to protect your finances.

Software packages can give you detailed information about what your mate is doing online. It can log every website visited, every file that’s downloaded and every e-mail or instant messaging conversation. It will give you a play by play of every moment your mate is online without their knowledge.

If you suspect deceit or something unethical or something dishonest, you need to find out for certain. Maybe your mate knows how to cover their tracks by cleaning out the temporary Internet files and clearing their cache. Maybe your spouse password protects everything on their computer so you can’t go in and see a thing on their machine or under their login credentials. This can be unnerving and lead to suspicion.

Finding out what’s going on for once and for all can bring you peace of mind.

You do need to be prepared for what you might find and be sure you really want to know what your spouse is doing. It could change your relationship forever. It could also bring you peace of mind that everything is completely fine. Either way, if you have suspicions, you need to get closure and find out the truth.