The Spring Fashion shows of 2007 have already begun, and designers are showing off an eclectic mix of purses and other accessories to match the variances of taste shown by so many consumers in the modern era. Gone are the days of one leopard print purse taking the prizes and the cash for the whole season. Todays designers are coming up with original work that seems to have appeal across the spectrum; one womans beauty is another womans atrocity. Lets take a look at some of the different characteristics to be found in the 2007 purse lineup.


There is only one purse size that is truly out this year, and that is large. Large purses take up too much space, and they are absolutely at odds with the concentration towards minimization that is the modern age. Its ridiculous to have a cell phone the size of a razor and a computer the size of your palm in a purse that could house a child with room to spare.

Medium sized purses are the biggest thing on todays market, as they have been for several years running. These purses are big enough to accommodate all your accessories without calling too much attention away from your outfit, or making you look bulky.

Collapsible purses have also been on display at recent shows, but the main knock against them is a lack of space. In fact, most models are little more than clutches.


The most appealing colours when it comes to purses and other accessories are still mild tones which help to complement the eye-catching wild side of todays fashions. Several designers have experimented with wild purses, but this really undermines the purpose of an accessory.


One big change in purses this year is in the style of strap, with Diors modest designs being complemented with the addition of metal chain straps. Retro and unique, chain straps will probably be seen everywhere this season.


Seriously. Frills. Prada tries to get attention with the frills on their new purse lines, but the attention is all wrong. These purses look like they are holding some kind of animal that doesnt quite fit, and the effect is made worse through the attention-grabbing colours. A big pass on frills if you want to look like you belong in this millennium.

If we had to name a winner when it comes to this years purse models, it would be the Dior line. The new purses combine the basic concept of accessorizing with just the right blend of strap retro and modern size.