Choosing pets is an important choice to make and is no easy task. It’s not just a matter of looking up pets for sale in your handy classifieds paper or online classifieds and picking the first thing you set your eyes on. You don’t just buy pets as would buy grocery, so make sure your heart doesn’t rule your head when you sight that cuddly little puppy or kitten. Getting a pet is involving your life with it, committing yourself into a relationship with it, so consider the needs of the animal and the time and cost involved in its ongoing care.

Before buying pets for sale, decide what you want from the pet. Do you want a companion; do you want an animal for showing or competing with, or maybe an animal for protection?

Caring for Pets 101
You need to provide a safe and happy environment in which the animal can live. If you choose a large animal it is necessary to have a big outdoor enclosure to keep it active.

You will need to register your pet with your local Council to ensure its return should it get lost.

Have your pet de-sexed, preferably before six months old if it is not going to be used for breeding, or take steps to ensure that it will not breed unwanted litters.

Proper care for you pet includes proper and balanced diet, cool clean drinking water, and grooming.

If you have children, teach them the responsibilities of owning a pet. Share responsibility for looking after your pet amongst all family members. Socialise your pet with other animals and people, but remember not everyone is an animal lover, and you need to keep your pet under control when in public.

Keep your pet confined to your property at all times and be aware cats should be kept indoors at night (house, shed or garage).

When you go on holidays if you can’t take your pet with you, ensure you find suitable accommodation where you know your pet will be well cared for. Choose a boarding kennel or cattery registered with your local Council.

Protect your pet’s health by having regular check-ups from your local vet, and ensure you provide the required vaccination.

Most of all shower your pet with love and attention, as simple as that. Remember, your pet is a family member now, and no longer just an animal you find in pets for sale ads.

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