Poker has always been a very popular card game, so it comes as no surprise that online poker is now displaying and enjoying the same popularity. When it comes to playing online poker there are a huge number of sites, tournaments and advice gurus waiting to advise you on the best route to successful poker playing. So the best way to begin your online poker experience is to be informed, be aware and be sure of your bets.

Experience is one of the main ingredients that can help guide you through a successful online poker tournament or game, but before the player goes to gain real and valuable experience, first they must understand the rules and etiquette of the game. To start with, many of the theories that apply to regular poker games can be applied to online poker games.

Get the Right Start In Poker

As always ‘A Good Start Is Half The Battle Won’. This can be applied to poker games too. Don’t be tempted to play with weaker deals; even professional poker players have to learn to recognize when a hand is simply no good. This is a big pit fall for many amateurs and beginners, especially in online poker. The beginning hand you get will be affected by a number of factors such as your place and your opponents place in the betting order. If you are playing in a poker tournament the number of chips on odds will affect the hand you’re dealt. There are starting hand guides and help tools that can be used by online poker players. These guides lessen the risk of playing ‘blindly’ or on luck. At the end, how a poker game concludes depends on the decisions taken by the players.

Online Poker – It’s All About Numbers!

As with many card games, knowing your numbers can help a great deal! Not all poker players may be aware of this but you can be sure that all expert players are familiar with the laws of probability that change which each hand. It is this knowledge of the probability laws that makes online poker such an attractive proposition to the scores of players that have been enjoying the fun and thrill of online card games. Casino games are programmed and the odds are fixed, the player is betting against the house, which means the chances of success, and in particular substantial success, are diminished. In a poker game or tournament each of the players are playing against each other and therefore increasing the chances of success.

Many experienced and informed online poker players use the technique of ‘counting the pot’ to help guide their poker decisions. This is a technique that will definitely become more natural and easier with practice and experience. You do not need to calculate the exact amount that will result, but using this technique will give the player a rough estimate or guideline they can use to their advantage.

Poker Opponents Matter

As a basic rule for online poker the more the opponents at your table, the more direct you’ll have to keep your techniques. Watch and monitor your opponents moves carefully; by being fully involved in all the moves made you will gain a better understanding of the game and will learn how to ‘read’ your opponents. Of course, you can’t affect the hand your opponents have been dealt but by monitoring their moves you may be able to appraise and learn their techniques. The number of opponents you face will also affect your ability to ‘bluff’. The art of bluffing is crucial in poker, when you face a large number of opponents, obviously the scope to allow players to bluff is diminished.

Your Position At The Poker Table

Poker, and online poker is no different, is so much easier if you’re the last player to act on a hand. In this position you can monitor the moves of all your opponents. It also lets you calculate exactly what the stakes are for you. Plus it also puts you in the unique position of seeing the next card free of charge if your opponents have not placed any bets. If your group of opponents are relatively small, it may enable you to make one outright bet and win the hand. In the opposite case where you must place the bet first, you really need a strong hand to have confidence to follow it through and to stay firmly in the game. Having to place the first bet is always tricky as you are given no inclination as to the standing of the other players.

Poker Face!

All poker players need to execute each bet and deal with absolute confidence; this is perhaps a skill that will need practice for some people. Many experienced and professional poker players will advise an aggressive strategy for poker and online poker games. However, there may be times when it is just as advisable to sit back, check and take note. A truly great poker player will be able to execute both techniques at once. With practice, skill and often a little luck there is no reason why even a beginner can win big at poker!

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