With pleated tones, the area and the window will be adequately dressed making curtains and draperies completely unnecessary and giving the room a uniform and sleek finished look. Pleated tones are also a perfect choice for odd size or shaped windows in the home, such as bay windows or half home windows. Because of color coordinated head and bottom rails, valances also become optionally available. Apart from the practicality and value that pleated tones provide, in addition they become an apparent choice as it pertains to keeping the flow of the room’s decoration. As these types of shades are composed of 1 level of fabric, it means they can come in a number of colors, patterns and textures. Homeowners desperate to give certain rooms of their house a sophisticated look can make it a reality with pleated shades that match their bedspread, sofa, chairs or other items in the area. Color coordinated hardware, like the headrail and bottomrail also provide continuity to the colour scheme.