When humans are confronted with an aching back and sore joints, what do most of us do? We lie in bed. Further, if we have something like chronic arthritis or are just sore from work all the time, we look for beds that will make us most comfortable and this is exactly the attitude that should accompany you when you’re looking for a bed for your dog.

You need to consider the comfort of your dog above all else when buying a bed, and that is best done by searching out dog bed manufacturers who pay special attention to the orthopedic needs of dogs in general, especially those of larger breeds. This means the materials are high grade and durable on the outside with memory foam and virgin fiber materials on the inside.

Not only do these materials last the longest, but they, especially the memory foam, is best for cushioning the spots that need it without wearing down too quickly. This is important for all dogs big and small, old and young; the right orthopedic dog bed can prevent aches and pains, actually helping your dog to feel better and rested. Orthopedic dog beds are also recommended by veterans across the board because of their generally excellent support system and their ability to decrease any pain your dog might be feeling, especially if your dog is a larger breed.

If your dog is a larger breed, orthopedic dog beds are a must; since they are bigger, there is much more stress on their joints and they are especially prone to problems. Make sure you get a large bed with memory foam as it will last far, far longer than regular fill and give your dog twice the cushioning.

If your dog is a smaller breed, orthopedic dog beds are also good because of often tender joint and muscles. If you’re looking for a bed for a smaller breed, ensure that is small enough to be snug but large enough that they can roll around.

While you may be thinking that it sounds so special it must be terribly expensive, an orthopedic dog bed doesn’t have to be. All it means is that it has the right materials and padding, e.g. memory foam and good filling, and that the manufacturer clearly cares about the comfort of your dog.

Keep these guidelines in mind when you’re looking for a good orthopedic dog bed and you can’t go wrong. The comfort of your dog is well worth taking the time to do it right and finding the bed that most suits your pup and its needs.