Do you need a cable wall plate with a VGA and two DVI cut outs? Do you want to add an HDMI cut out as well? Does all of this sound Greek to you? The terms are connector types, which you should know when ordering a custom wall structure plate.

Here is an example of some of the connector types you can choose from to suit your technology, courtesy of

  • HDMI: for new high-definition digital video and audio
  • DVI: for digital LCD screens, plasma TVs and other flat panel displays
  • VGA: for analog CRT monitors, projectors, and some LCD screens
  • USB: for all high-speed peripherals in both “A” type and “B” type
  • S-Video: for TV displays from VCRs, DVDs plus some graphics cards

Having a custom-created wall plate means you can choose not only the type of ports, but how many slots and where exactly you want the ports on your plate. This way it will perfectly fit your technology.

Custom-made wall plates is a popular option for classrooms, computer labs and home theater systems — all which have a lot of different kinds of equipment.