Whether you attend yoga exercises class in a yoga studio or in a fitness center, respect these basic factors of yoga etiquette to make the class more pleasant for everyone:

-Respect the yoga exercises space. Place your shoes and boots, socks, bags, and various other clothing in lockers if possible, or off to the side on the edges of the course space. Keeping your personal things away from the class space not only cuts down on the items you need to distract you, but it reduces the risk that someone will trip over an errant shoe or purse strap while jumping or stepping back to a pose.

-Follow directions. It nearly goes without stating, but each instructor is different. Follow your instructors’ choices for how she or he wants to align the mats or stagger them therefore individuals won’t bump into each other.

-Don’t chat. After the yoga class begins, don’t chat with your neighbors. There will be time to socialize when the class is over.

-Turn off your personal electronics. That means switch off your cell phone, pager, or any various other device that may make noise and cause a distraction during your class.

-Be sensible about scents. Be kind to your classmates and avoid wearing heavy fragrances such as perfumes or aftershaves to a yoga exercise class.