In the interest of good jobsite safety practices, here are a list of things you should never do with cables and wires:

* Never overload an outlet or surge protector
* Never leave cables unsecured in a high-traffic area
* Always use surface mistake circuit interruptors in stores near water
* Never staple cables against a surface to secure them
* Never reuse an appliance that travels a circuit with no a technician consider it
* Never use a cable that are cracked or frayed
* Never pull a cable taut to connect it into an outlet, always allow some slack

What is a good way to organize my cables?

Reusable strapping is a great electrician and industrial tool. Cinch Strap is a heavy duty energy strap with extra power and holding power. They have dual stitching rather than heat weld or glue so the Cinch strap has resilient strength. They have the added benefit of being able to attach to any surface or rack and you could use any fastener for installation, up to 1/4″. It uses a specialized buckle cinch that provides you additional leverage if you are “cinching”. These is a heave responsibility and adaptable tool ideal for industrial wire applications.