In order to understand what cats like to play with, you need to first understand the nature of you cat. We call cats pets but actually 90% of their nature is still “wild”. Cats don’t “think”, they act in most cases on their natural instincts.

Cats can be categorized as “sneakers and hunters”. They hunt birds, mice and other small animals. Their method is, they sneak as close as possible towards their prey. Then they have the best chances to suddenly appear right next to the prey and grab it. If you understand this hunting behavior, you can have a lot of fun playing with your cat. Playing is absolutely necessary for the health and feelings of your cat. Here are some ideas on how you can do it:

– Take a straw and hide behind a furniture. Leave only a little piece of the straw that can be seen by your cat. Then move the straw backwards, so that the cat can see less of it. I bet you, the cat will jump at it before it’s all gone behind the furniture.

– Take a piece of paper and crumple it to a ball. Then put a little cord around it and tie it up. Your cat will love this toy, you can use it for any kind of stuff. You hand hold it just as high that your cat can reach the ball. You can will jump at it. My cat used to do even somersaults when I used that toy.

– Cats will run after all kinds of little balls, like those little ones made of paper. Unfortunately they don’t bring the balls back like dogs do it…

– You can use long tiny branches, sticks or blade of gras to play with your cat.

So there are various ways to play with your cat. Keep in mind that they like to chase, hide and creap than you will be able to come up with all kinds of new ideas on how to play with your cat. Be aware that cats don’t always want to play. Cats sleep a lot during daytime and they might not want to be boughered. They are just different than dogs, they have their own “will”. You can not force a cat to do anything, the cat will show you what it likes and what not, so listen carefully!

Finally you should give your cat the possibility to go outside the house, if possible. Cats love the nature and they love to play in the garden. Don’t be afraid that your cat runs away, it will come back if you treated it good… You should get the cat used to be outside the house when it is little, then it will be able to build it’s natural instincts.

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