Of all the wonders of nature perhaps the most incredible is that we are alive with the free will to choose what we do with our lives. This is an amazing gift and we only have a few short years to enjoy it. What are you doing with your gift of life?

The concept of a life after death is a very appealing idea but I, for one, haven’t seen any convincing proof that such a life exists. What I do know is that I am alive now and that I have the choice of making that life a wonderful adventure.

You too have that opportunity to make life a wonderful adventure.

George Bernard Shaw once said that youth is wasted on the young. It seems to be a human trait that we only really appreciate something after we have lost it. I wonder if life is wasted on the living.

What are you doing with your life?

What did you do in the last year that could be called a marvelous adventure?

Most people waste their life doing things that they don’t really like, or at best things that are mildly entertaining. They never capture the passion for living. What are you doing that you are truly passionate about?

Do you have something in your life that is so inspiring that you can’t wait to get up each morning? Do you have something in your life that is so inspiring that you keep putting off going to bed at night just so you can spend a little more time on your passion?

What are your goals in life? Are they big, inspiring goals that challenge you and cause you to grow each day? And if you have such goals are you throwing yourself headlong in their pursuit or are they just idle dreams?

The average person lives to somewhere around 80 years. Are you using your 80 years to become all you can be? Or are you just passing the time? What have you done so far that has set the world on fire?

The choice is yours. Whether you have had a magnificent life so far or whether you have just been plodding, the future is an open book waiting to be written, and you hold the pen in your hands.

If you knew that you couldn’t fail, what goals would you set for the next 10 years? If you had all the resources that you needed, how would you choose to live your day to day life?

Life really is a blank page waiting for you to fill it. You have the choice to write any life you want and then to live that life. All it takes is the courage to dream big dreams and then the passion to throw yourself 100% into those dreams.

There is no telling who you could become. Each opportunity taken leads to another opportunity. As you grow as a person you are able to see new, more interesting challenges that you didn’t even know existed before your took that growth step.

So why not let your head go and dream big dreams? Why not have the courage to develop an all consuming passion? Why not open your mind and heart to becoming all you can be? After all, all you have to lose is a life of mediocrity!