To answer the question of what kind of golf clubs are the best, it would probably be good to understand a little about the history and development of golf clubs and golf balls. Here are some quick points about golf equipment.

Why are there different types of clubs?

Initially, early golfers used one, perhaps two, crude clubs made from wood that was readily available. This would most likely have been fallen branches and limbs from older trees in their local area. The type of wood could vary from Maple, Oak, Birch, or any of the hard woods.

Over the years, some of the early golfers began to fashion different shapes to meet the challenge of different shots and various soil types. Scottish hills and land regions tended to have rocks and uneven fields, while other golfing countries may have more extended flat fields, and with possibly more sand and clay in their soil than black dirt.

Eventually, an iron head was put on a wooden shaft to make the club last longer. This helped the golf players a lot, since their soil would change from one area to another as they traveled to other regions within their own country, let alone to far-off lands.

What different lengths of shaft were used?

Who made the first golf clubs? Many of the very early golfers made their own clubs. These men were often farmers or craftsmen who were capable of making excellent golf clubs.

Kings often had their own craftsmen make the royal golf clubs. The men who made custom bows for archery were some of the first club makers. The golf club was adapted in length according to the amount of area until the next hole and what obstacles would slow the ball down.

What are clubs made of today?

The range of materials used in making golf clubs is staggering. Titanium, aluminum, steel, copper, beryllium… the list goes on and on. Today, many use graphite shafts with titanium heads. Very few golfers have any wood at all in their clubs today.

With all the materials available to make golf clubs better, the net effect is that it also gave the golf clubs greater endurance, so that you may only need a single set of golf clubs that you can use for your entre golfing career. Now it is common for golfers to pass on their clubs to their closest relative or child. Surely, this is the best kind of golf clubs.