1, black hair

There are melanocytes in the hair follicles. If the secretion of melanocytes is less, white hair will appear. It has been found that the extract of black sesame can make tyrosinase higher, so that more melanin can be formed. The problem of white hair can naturally be solved.
2, calcium supplementation
There are various kinds of calcium-care products on the market. Although the advertisements are very good in terms of their functions, they should be solved through a healthy diet. Many foods in life can achieve good results. Calcium supplementation, like eggs, milk, black sesame contains more calcium than egg milk, so people who want calcium should also eat some black sesame.
3, beauty and beauty
Eating black sesame can eliminate bad free radicals in the body, increase the activity of resisting oxidase, remove aging metabolites, and achieve better anti-aging effects. Black sesame contains very rich vitamin E. It is a good antioxidant, and proper vitamin E supplementation can make your skin better.