There are a variety of health fitness services available at health clubs. These services can be a great way to get a “fitness baseline.”

Getting a baseline for things such as body fat, strength and flexibility can provide you with information that you can use to measure progress in your fitness routine. It can also help you set reasonable fitness goals. Here are some baseline numbers that you may want to consider getting before starting or re-vamping a fitness program:

  • Body fat percentages: Typically done using calipers and measurements
    Cholesterol numbers: A simple blood screen will be performed
  • Blood pressure: Taken by using a blood pressure cuff
  • Flexibility measurements: The tests for this vary
  • Strength measurements: Usually done by recording maximum lifts
  • Cardiovascular endurance measurements: Often done by taking a treadmill or bike test while having vitals monitored

The majority of these “tests” can be given at a health club, so you may want to inquire about them at the desk if you can’t find any literature on them at the facility. Things such as for example cholesterol tests and blood pressure can be measured by a physician as well.

These services are sometimes offered for free, while other times there may be a charge for them. Some health clubs will offer specials or promotions where the testing is done at no charge. Community health fairs and screenings are other places that you might find these tests offered.