Many hot yoga classes consist of some variation of a wide-legged forward bend, which has many benefits which includes strengthening and toning the thighs and calves, and opening the hip joints and the low back.

Start in mountain pose (tadasana) and step your feet 3.5 to 4 feel aside, depending on your height. Keep carefully the outside edges of your feet parallel, or somewhat pigeon-toed. Lift your upper body and fold ahead from the hips. If you’re flexible, you could be in a position to place the crown of your head on the floor. In the Bikram sequence, you snatch your big toes with the 1st two fingers and thumb and bend your elbows to help bring your head nearer to the ground. Additional variations found in other hatha yoga classes include place the palms on to the floor and keeping the elbows parallel, or clasping the hands behind the trunk and trying to bring your clasped hands up over your mind towards the ground (this edition helps release stress in your shoulders, as well).