Researchers tell us that we stop using our minds when we reach 30 years old.

Researchers also are telling us that we should go back to school or college when we retire. They claim that we use what we have learned over the first 30 years to carry us over the next 30 years. What a poor realization for such a wonderful resource. The mind is like the body, it needs to be exercised. The human mind is limitless in its creation-it never stops thinking. Our minds are capable of moving past the necessities of life, and into others realms of awareness and understanding.

From the time that we are born, we are taught that we can accomplish anything and that our minds a limitless. Yet, the people that tell us these things do not empower us to move out of the box and do great things. As soon as we come up with great ideas and make them known, we receive a new label. We are called strange, weird, dreamer and many other things. The status quo does not want us to do these things, they do not want to be left behind, and they need reassurance that what they believe is valid. If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. Most people feel comfortable in not examining their own circumstances.

We are taught about human behavior and other’s expectations from the time we are born. There are certain lines we do not cross and it is not good to rock the boat. There are certain expectations of us from those that have power over us which we must respect.

Humanity ‘is’ limitless energy, and for the most part over centuries of existence it has been held captive in a limited understanding of what he really is and what he is capable of doing. Man dreams big and produces small. He dreams of building skyscrapers then goes through a whole process of why he cannot do it. He dreams of other worlds, and then busies himself with his own world. He dreams of peace then goes to war to try and create it. Humanity has the capacity and power to create anything that he desires on demand, but he is afraid of his power and therefore does not use it. Man has a built-in governor that is self installed to limit his power, power governed according to need as on a lawn mower.

This is not a criticism of humanity-it’s just a realization of his potential to create anything and to limit his own creations. It is an awareness of potentiality and unlimited access to power, that is and always has been at hand and within our own control.

It is appropriate that we are concerned with our lives in the physical world and on this planet-it is our home. However, with the awareness that we have the potential to create and explore other worlds we do not have to be so serious about exploiting our own planet and the peoples on it. We should be able to experience and share more abundance on this world knowing that we can get more anytime that we wish. With the realization of our own power to produce abundance on demand, we should not have to carry the burden of having abundance and trying to sustain it.

Our focus may be on our own little worlds, but it doesn’t mean that we have to stay here. It simply means that we have chosen to do so. Because we have such huge potential to create, we do not have to be as a single function machine that was build to do one thing only. It is thoughts of limited creation and potential that keeps us limited. Although our purpose is to experience all things physical, physicality extends past our own sand box. With the hope of moving to another and the realization that there are many, we would be more inclined to leave our own in good condition, knowing that we will be replacing others in their sand boxes as well. With the realization that we will be coming back to our own many times, we would want to insure its future and well being. We would want to leave it in good hands. We would educate those that follow to steward with the same respect.

As thinkers moving out of the box, we would understand that it makes no sense, and does not work to burn any bridges, as we will be crossing them again. It would make perfect sense to improve them and make them easier to cross next time.

Mankind is a multi-level thinker, dreamer and creator. He can build and explore others worlds while still being focused on this one. It works to experience peace at home, a place to rest, and a refuge. As a creator of all that is and the one that will experience it physically, it makes good sense to extend good stewardship to all places that he visits.

Man’s hope for the future comes with in the realization that he creates and experiences all the circumstances of his life. He has the power to change at will, he isn’t just a machine that eats, sleeps and dies. His awareness is universal and he will experience in the future what he leaves behind in the past.