Quest Innovations & Research ( is continuing it’s focus of finding solutions to the deadliest life threatening global tragedy in the history of mankind-unclean drinking water. The newly formed partnership of Third Day Resources ( is involved in successful product development of an ultra-efficient atmospheric water unit for one of the promising solutions to the world’s water crisis. The most valuable opportunity ever offered is now extended to anyone who wants to contribute to the water industry.

Clean water is the Earth’s most precious resource. According to the World Health Organization, less than 1% of the world’s freshwater, or 0.007% of all the water on Earth, is readily available for human consumption. The number of people living in water-stressed countries is projected to climb from 470 million to three billion by 2025. Throughout the world, clean water is polluted, underappreciated and abused. Only 20% of the world’s population currently enjoys the benefits of running water. The other 80% have to find it whenever and wherever they can.

Contaminated water is deadlier than any health threat known to mankind. Unclean water kills more than AIDS, cancer, contagious diseases or even wars. Half of all hospital beds in the world are occupied by someone suffering from a water-related illness. In the developing nations, 80 percent of all diseases stem from consumption of unsafe water. Today, one human being dies every 3.5 seconds from drinking contaminated water.

The research of The World Watch Institute has determined that the rising demand for clean drinking water and ecosystem alteration has depleted water supplies, damaged ecosystems, and placed freshwater life at risk of extinction. Water tables are falling from the over pumping of groundwater in large portions of China, India, Iran, Mexico, the Middle East, North Africa, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. Many major rivers-including the Colorado, Ganges, Indus, Rio Grande, and Yellow-now run dry for portions of the year. Population growth and global warming will continue to increase overwhelming global water requirements.

Quest Innovations & Research is at the forefront of implementing a new strategy for water resource technology beginning on a local level. The community knows best what it needs and has access to resources for successful project solutions. Mobilizing local environmental problem solving projects must be achieved to offer a model for the world to follow.

Gerald Flores of Quest Innovations & Research states, “The main problem is not an absence of resources to solve the needs of a community but an absence of a way of mobilizing them. Over the last ten years, there has been a development of different ways of approaching solving the water and environmental crisis with small scale appropriate technologies. For these trends to be carried through to a full and adequate fruition, they must find a way of merging and cooperating with the power economy in the minds of ordinary people so that millions of people can come to see there is a more constructive way for them to pursue their interests. As local communities create long lasting models of effective solutions for basic human needs such as clean water, it will become supported in policy. Then the large industries of fossil fuel producers will invest more in the new green sustainable technologies.”

Quest Innovation & Research aspires to achieve global collaboration for the development of new environmentally friendly technologies to provide the needs for life’s survival in a global citizenship.

Gerald Flores
Quest Innovations & Research
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