Have you ever captured yourself in a daze?

Have you ever experienced a bind and had to think quickly of a remedy to get yourself out?

Have you ever picked up a pencil or pen and started to draw for no reason?

Did you actually come up with something? Perhaps you have ever created a story?

Perhaps you have ever danced new moves? Have you ever thought of some new math puzzles?

I possibly could make this list continue and on. This is the many ways that we can make use out of our creative mind to spark our imagination. Sometimes we use our creative mind in a conscious manner because we recognize that we are trying to develop something creative. We are able to also use our creative mind naturally, without knowing what we are likely to come up with. Our creative mind works in lots of different ways, but one thing is for sure, it will always be there. Shop around you, what do you see? Create a tale utilizing objects and pictures. What did you develop? Just start writing and you will be surprized what you accomplish. Avoid being affraid of your creative brain, just go with the stream.