The term sexual dysfunction refers to impairment either in the yearning for sexual gratification or in the knack to achieve it. They diverge noticeably in degree, and regardless of which partner is alleged to be dysfunctional, the enjoyment of sex by both the parties in a relationship is typically unfavorably affected.

How common are these sexual dysfunctions is a real difficult question to answer. It is a hard task to do large-scale research on such sensitive topic. The National Health and Social Life Survey clearly reported that a high percentage of people experience it.

Sexual dysfunctions can be of varying types:
1. dysfunctions of sexual desire
a. hypoactive sexual desire disorder
b. sexual aversion disorder
2. dysfunctions of sexual arousal
a. male erectile dysfunction
b. female sexual arousal disorder
3. dysfunctions of orgasm
a. premature ejaculation
b. male orgasmic disorder
c. female orgasmic disorder
4. sexual pain disorders
a. vaginismus
b. dyspareunia

Amongst all these above-mentioned dysfunctions, Erectile Dysfunction is the most common. It is the ability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. In lifelong erectile disorder a man has never been able to sustain an erection long enough to accomplish a satisfactory duration of penetration. Lifelong insufficiency is relatively rare disorder, but it has been estimated that half or more of the male population has had some experiences of erectile insufficiency.

Some psychologists believe that ED is primarily a function of anxiety about sexual performance. Erectile problems are common consequences of aging, cause of erectile disorder in older men is vascular disease resulting in decreased blood flow to the penis or in diminished ability of the penis to hold blood to maintain an erection.

A variety of treatments – primarily medical – have been employed in recent years. An immernse interest has been shown in the revolutionary new drug VIAGRA (sildenalfil). Following the runaway success of Viagra, CIALIS was accepted in a better way and it lived up to the expectations of the people. As with Viagra, Cialis is likely to be used as a performance enhancer, rather than just as treatment for an ailment. All these impotence drugs block an enzyme and allow increased blood flow into the penis.

Hence, all those who are worried or are facing troubles in their lives because of sexual dysfunctions now no more worries. Today every sexual disorder is treatable, so why face the consequences. Order your prescriptions now, in order to avoid embarrassment you can order online.

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