A well-tied neck tie is the first serious step in life – so said Oscar Wilde. Indeed, the neck tie which began as a military custom is now an indispensable part of the modern mans attire. Here are some of the popular knot styles:
The most popular, and well known to school boys. It fits on all occasions and is the easiest to tie. The knot should fit well under the collar and not get hidden. The wider part should be twice as large as the thinner end when you begin to tie the knot.
This is also quick and easy, and the method is the same as four in hand. An extra loop is performed and the broader end slipped through it. Good for thin ties and for shorter men.
One of the most popular knots, it derives its name from the Duke of Windsor. The knot is big and occupies good volume. Meant for big collars. The knot making process is a bit complicated and the final knot must have good symmetry.
It is a thinner knot, and looks good on straight and parallel ties. The knot making process is like the Windsor knot except that the second loop is not performed.
Meant for thinner fabrics like silk. The final knot is small, and fits well with the collars. A very easy knot to tie, somewhat similar to four in hand.