Tribal tattoos have existed in society for a long period of time. Though they seemed to become missing for a period of time, they are experiencing a revival again. Tribal tattoos are mainly popular because there is a feeling that they are connected with many secret tribes of the past. It might also be due to the fact that people who have traced their lineage to ancient tribes want something to remind them of their ancestry.

The tribal tattoos can help indicate a wide range of expressions. They can be used to identify a person as belonging to a particular group or tribe or as an enemy. They were also used to indicate the rank of a person in the chain of command in the ancient tribal societies. The tattoo sported by a king would be unique. In the same way, the tattoo sported by a soldier would be different from that of a common man.

The present generation has taken a liking to these tribal tattoos for a very good reason. These tattoos bring to light some very important features of the ancient tribal societies which even the present generation would like to imitate. For instance, the persons getting the same type of tattoos were supposed to remain together for the whole life according to the customs of the ancient tribes. They were also used as a pointer to the presence of various life forces. They were used to represent energy, ability, skill and power and could be used to inculcate positive feelings within the person.

Popularity of certain tribal tattoos depends on the choice of the person getting them. For example, flower tattoos would be favored exclusively by women and armband tattoos by men with well built biceps. In ancient tribes, the caliber of men and women to go through certain tasks was judged by their ability to counter the pain while getting a tattoo.