As well as in most all other cases of diseases or illnesses or just as a simple fact, a balanced diet and a good physical workout regime really helps with the passing through menopause. Symptoms and complications might this way be grately reduced. Still, some recommendations are there for the women to fallow to further increase the chance of not developing complications. Smoking is actually the first thing you should quit doing because the side effects are really nasty. The risk of osteoporosis and hip fractures increases drastically in the case of women smokers. Even worse is the risks of having a heart attack or a stroke. Hot flashes can also be aggravated but this time by caffeine. Really high dosages can even lead to osteoporosis. Clothe should be kept layered to help with the cooling of and heating after the hot flashes. It is the same thing in bed with the blankets.

As said before exercising is a very important fact when dealing with menopause. By just exercising a few minutes a day blood pressure can be lowered, thus reducing the heart attack risk, hot flashes may be relieved this way and even osteoporosis can be prevented. Again this exercises may vary from person to person; while some would just have to walk a few miles a day other should take up aerobics or working out at the local jim.

The simplest of facts can actually greatly reduce the risk of complications and severe symptoms. A few minutes a day in the suns seriously increases the way vitamin D can be absorbed by he body.

Dryness in the vaginal are may sometimes appear. This complication can be dealt with by using lubricants. A hormonal cream could also be prescribed by doctors. Calcium is very important in the cases of menopausal women because it prevents the appearance of osteoporosis a very serious disease for women. Vegetables and usual greens are very helpful with the intake of calcium. Fish or most of the dairy products also help a lot.

Because human are so different one from another, medication treatment should always be discussed with the doctor so that the best treatment can be chosen. The drugs will be prescribed according with the symptoms the woman is having and the level in witch they are manifesting.

The most common of the treatments is actually estrogen pills or estrogen patches. Applying this in small dosages can greatly improve the well care of the patients and even prevent other complications like uterine cancer. Side effects are vary rare and are mild in action.