A great form of exercise is walking on a treadmill. Walking has always been good for your heart. The problem with walking though, is that you can’t do it in the rain, it’s not fun when it’s cold, and these days it can even be dangerous. This is where a treadmill comes in. A treadmill allows a person to walk for hours and stay in one place.

The older, cheaper treadmills, are manual. They are not even electric. Once you get walking the mechanism turns on it’s own. This old cheaper version does not have any of the electronic extras like the newer ones. The only extra that you will find on the old, manual treadmill is a built in water bottle.

The newer, more expensive treadmills have more features. The more expensive models are electric. They have different settings, so the faster you choose to go, the higher you can turn it up. Walking is no longer the only function of a treadmill. The newer models also have an optional incline feature. If you are looking for a more intense workout, this is the right treadmill for you.

Where can you purchase a treadmill? There are several different places. The best place to find one is online. If you shop for treadmills online, such as Ebay, you can shop at different places from the comfort of your own home. You have a larger selection if you shop online. The one bad thing about shopping online is that you will have to pay shipping costs.

Shopping at a sporting goods store will help you to find a quality treadmill. These are quality treadmills, although, the selection is not very large. You may only have two or three treadmills to choose from. Another place to find treadmills is department stores. Department stores are also stores with not much of a selection. At stores like Sears or Walmart, you may have only a choice between three or four at the most.

You can even find used treadmills in different places. One thing that you want to remember is, if you are buying a used treadmill, make sure it has some kind of warranty. You want to be able to try it out at home before it is too late to return it.

If you are looking for a treadmill, the best thing that you can do is research. Checking around at prices and styles is the best thing to do rather than buying the first thing that you see.