There are many vendors who would try and convince you that going abroad without traveler’s insurance is downright foolish. However, most people going on vacation have already invested enough in their travel costs that they generally overlook extra costs they consider frivolous, at best. And there are arguments on both sides of the fence. If you have never encountered a flight or cruise cancellation, loss of personal property, or a serious medical malady outside of the United State’s borders, you perhaps have never seriously considered a travel insurance plan. But for those travelers who have had experience with the above, many experts agree that a well researched insurance plan may have helped.

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Before you decide in favor of or against purchasing travel insurance there are some factors to consider. First, are you planning that amazing, once-in-a-lifetime vacation you’ve had on your To-Do list for the last decade? This type of trip might require some forethought when it comes to considering protecting yourself and your long awaited investment. Perhaps a little extra investment in flight cancellations, medical insurance, and luggage loss might pay off should something befall you on your travels.

Medical Travel Insurance

Traveling outside of U.S. borders? Make sure, especially if you are going for a long stay that your medical insurance will apply should a medical malady occur while you are in Tanzania, for example. You may be surprised to find when you actually ask your insurance provider how little coverage you have when traveling beyond the U.S. Many insurance plans only cover physicians and care within certain network areas. And a big reminder for seniors: Medicare does not apply outside of the United States. Also, make sure your vaccinations are up to date before you travel. And depending on where in the world you may be traveling, know what types of inoculations you may require above and beyond those you already have.

Most travel experts agree that travel insurance is not necessary for all travelers, but that for some it is definitely a wise idea. Long term stays outside of the United States would suggest some type of medical coverage. In the event of a medical emergency, you would want to secure some transportation back to The States. Your health insurance plan may cover the emergency medical care, but it most likely will not pay for your transportation back home for continued care.

Plans and Coverage

There are scads of companies just waiting to sell you all kinds of travel insurance packages, including insurance for terrorist events and accidental death. What you need to consider is exactly what could most likely go awry and plan best for that situation. Experts suggest you research a travel insurance plan thoroughly and make sure you are completely aware of the details of coverage before you pay. Comprehensive package deals will most likely cover a little bit of every major aspect of your trip including basic trip cancellation, luggage loss, and a basic medical and/or dental plan, but, once again, shop around and be sure you really are covered.

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