Air couriers enjoy cheaper airfares. They can fly across the ocean for only $99 but are willing to handle a lay over that may last an extra day or two.

If you become a courier, the company hiring you expects you to bring only one carry-on for your flight and to surrender your baggage allowance to them.

Couriers receive discount airline tickets when they work for a company that has hired them to carry shipping documents on their flights.

The reason why companies use couriers to move freight or important time-sensitive business documents or medicines is because it is faster and less expensive to ship it as luggage rather than as air cargo.

While you are a courier, you are only allowed to bring carry on luggage. You are not allowed to check in your own luggage. You are expected to give up your baggage allowance to the company hiring you as their courier. They need your allowance to carry the items they want to ship.

Courier tickets are regular round-trip coach tickets that are also non-refundable and non-transferable. So make sure you can make the flight.

You probably won’t be able to keep the frequent flier mileage you will accumulate. That depends on the courier company. Length of stays on courier tickets can be up to seven days.

Rarely is it open ended up to six months. However, you may have to be a courier on the return flight. This may interfere with any plans for overseas shopping.

Sorry, but you probably won’t be going to an exotic island on your courier flights. That’s because most of the items you will handle will go to the main business centers of the world.

It is possible to travel with a companion, but you need to be flexible with your scheduling. It’s rare to have courier seats together on the same flight. However, you can time it so you could meet your companion within the same day.