The Toyota Motor Corp. and the Subaru of Indiana automotive (SIA) earlier started the production of the Camry in Indiana. The joint venture of the Japanese automaker was made public in March last year. Said venture include the production of Toyota Camry at SIA.

A $230 million investment gives SIA the capacity to produce 100,000 Camry units annually. The Toyota Camry production will add 1,000 associates for a total of more than 3,200 at SIA. Attending the ceremony were FHI president Ikuo Mori and Toyota Motor Corporation president Katsuaki Watanabe. They commended SIA associates and Toyota team members involved in the project’s development for their hard work and commitment to building America’s best-selling car at SIA.

Mori said, “Production of the Camry at SIA represents an important start to our business collaboration with Toyota. Together, we were able to accomplish this goal in a short period of time through the efforts of all associates involved in this project.” Watanabe added, “Fuji and Toyota faced many challenges for Camry production, including a short amount of preparation time, and we are grateful for the hard work of our associates and team members. We look forward to growing a long-term relationship with Fuji, SIA and the local community.”

The new generation Camry is a redesigned version of the car. It is assembled at the Toyotas Motor Manufacturing Kentucky in Georgetown, Kentucky and at the Toyota Manufacturing in Aichi, Japan, in Melbourne, Australia. The new Camry does not only feature the striking Toyota fender, it is also equipped with the potent 2.4 L VVT-i I4 as the previous generation and come in four trim levels: CE, LE, SE, and XLE. The optional 3.5 L VVT-i V6 engine that produces 268 horsepower is available with a 6-speed automatic transmission and a manual shift mode.

The Toyota Camry also features a navigation system with Bluetooth and heated leather seats (for the SE and the V6-powered XLE). Also, a keyless entry starter is made optional on the V6-powered XLE. The models intended for the American market typically feature JBL branded radios. Higher end models are made “satellite receiver ready” for Sirius Satellite Radio or XM receiver ready. The CE and LE have hubcap designs identical to its ancestors. The rear of the Camry features catchy headlight, grille, and the controversial “Bangle-butt.”

“The Camrys are rolling and so is Indiana,” said Governor Mitch Daniels. “We are honored by the new investment in our state and the confidence in Hoosier workers.” To express thanks to the local community for its support, SIA and the fast rising Japanese automaker announced a $60,000 donation to the Columbian Park Zoo for its owl exhibit.

In addition to the Camry, SIA builds the Subaru Tribeca, Outback and the Legacy. SIA produced about 120,000 Subarus in 2006.