In order to achieve top 10 ranking in Google Yahoo and MSN you need to properly optimize your website for a specific keywords related to your site topic. If you optimize for wrong keywords, you are unlikely to see any results.

There are many software’s available to help you achieve search engine optimized (SEO) pages. XSitePro software will enable you to pinpoint any issues with on-page optimization and will guide you to correct these problems in step by step manner.

Link exchange or off page optimization plays a huge role getting higher search engine rankings. Here are top 6 tips for managing effective link exchange campaign.

1. Use a link exchange management script for managing link partners. A link exchange script will save you time and efforts to effectively manage link partners. Webmaster would like to exchange links with your site if you have link exchange script installed on your site. Make sure you link to link partner page from your home page.

2. Try to achieve PR2 (page rank) to PR3 with your link partner section to attract authority websites to link to your website. Use article submission with link back to your site to get one way links back to your website and improve your page rank.

A) You can submit articles to 450 article directories using Article Post Robot.

B) Use Link Directory Submitter Software to submit to high PR directories.

3. Once your website has achieved PR2 to PR3 then you can find authority websites with high search engine rankings similar to your website theme for link exchange. Never exchange links with non-relevant websites and link farms. The search engines will lower your ranking if your site is linking with link farms. 1 relevant link is better than having 10 non-relevant sites linking to your site.

4. Never exchange link with website which are banned from search engines, sites which are not indexed in the search engines and whose PR is equal or less than PR1. Never exchange links with link farms as link farms are considered spam sites in search engine’s eyes.

5. Make sure you do not have more than 25 links pointing out from your link partner pages.

6. Search engines are looking for a constant and gradual increase in links pointing to your website. Getting a quick spike in links may be perceived as spammy in search engines eyes. So make sure you are constantly exchanging links over the time with other websites to increase your site rankings.