The most common mental illness in todays world is anxiety disorders. So what is the cause of anxiety attack? Forty million of the adult population in the United States are affected or over eighteen percent. All over the world these numbers are on the increase and this requires immediate attention. This disorder can affects all age groups, even though most studies are only made on adults over eighteen years of age. Stress is what we all blame it on, over pressuring day to day activities or too much work. However, the following are some of the cause of anxiety attacks that scientists have uncovered:

Brain Biochemistry or Chemical Imbalance Serotonin and dopamine are the two primary neurotransmitters that affect how a person feels. The cause of anxiety attacks can be expressed through feeling depressed or sad and are often provoked by any imbalance of these chemicals.

Genetics Anxiety disorders tend to run in the family and are inherited when they are passed on from mother/father to the son/daughter or other close relatives. With an anxiety disorder, the chemical imbalance and cause of anxiety attack can be passed on because the structure of the brain and its process are inherited in totality. The cause of anxiety attack can also be a result of a child growing up in an abusive home where the family expresses anxiety and violence constantly.

Fight or Flight Mechanism The body prepares itself to either fight or run away when it senses danger. This mechanism is known as fight or flight. The part of the brain called Amygdale is responsible for triggering this mechanism. Sometimes a situation may be translated as dangerous when it is not in reality because the brain misunderstands the message and/or situation. This is one possible cause of anxiety attack. Anxiety attack symptoms are both very real and very frightening. We get scared and untrusting when we are convinced that something is wrong. Scientists say that the main cause of panic attacks is the flight or fight failure. Scientists have also discovered the possibility to reserve these symptoms now through various medications along with modern science and technology. You should consult a doctor as soon as possible and learn to recognize the symptoms. It can be treated successfully in time as with any other disorder or illness. Recognize and be aware of your body so you will know when it is giving you the wrong symptoms.