One of the most exciting things a businessman forming a company will do during the first year is office hunting. Looking for an office is an affirmation that, yes, the business is about to become a reality!

But the hunt for an office location doesnt end there. There is also the matter of the physical office itself. Even before you bring in the first office equipment into your new office space. You still need to make sure that your office is optimised to ensure that you and your employees will work at your best without the encumbrances that are part and parcel of poorly thought out offices.

Here are some reminders to ensure that you will have a fully optimised office:

Check the electrical wiring. Check how many electrical outlets are available in your office space. Is it enough for all of the office equipment you will bring in with a little extra sockets for other equipment or appliances that may be added in the future? It s a good idea to spend a little to have additional outlets installed. Most office construction experts recommend putting the outlets above desk level so that people wont have to go on all fours and crawl under their desks just to plug something into the outlet. If your office is going to be heavy in equipments, ask your electrician to zone the wiring places of electrical outlets on a separate circuit breaker, that way, even if some parts of the offices electric outputs short circuit, you can have some parts of the office with a continual flow of electricity.

Phone provisions. Make sure you have at least two phone lines to ensure that people can constantly reach you even if one line is occupied for a long time. Its also a good idea to put an electrical outlet near the phone jacks so that you wont have a problem if you bring in equipment that would require both – like a fax machine.

Good ventilation. Look for the vents in your offices forced-air system and avoid putting your equipment near these vents in order to protect them.

Provide good lighting. A good office must have as much natural light as possible with certain areas filled in with a combination of ambient lighting (these are the ceiling fixtures) and task lighting (personal lighting devices like a desk lamp). Track and recessed lighting may give your office a good ambience but theyre bad for a work environment because its too bright and the beams are too focused. Office construction experts also recommend not using fluorescent lights because they are hard on the eyes. For those who are stuck with fluorescent lighting changing the bulbs from cool to warm to soften the light.

A good but expensive option is to use a full-spectrum lighting system that mimics natural light. This system is perfect for those working in departments that need to see true color.

Reduce ambient sound. One of the biggest distractions to people who work is noise. Reduce ambient noise and sound by putting wall-to-wall carpeting. Even an area rug, if you cant afford the previous suggestion, can help diminish sound. Other sound-reduction methods you can employ in your office are double-glazing windows, using solid doors, and weather-stripping. For further info on forming a company, please go to the website on