Every emotion has a corresponding vibrational frequency that is either supportive or counter-supportive to the creative fulfillment of our goals.

We use the terms positive or negative, good or bad when describing our emotions and our experiences.

Unfortunately, our language is inadequate because these terms indicate judgment. Judgment then indicates that somehow this ‘thing’ that we’ve created is either good or bad for us, when in fact everything is always, “all good” because it is always a part of our Divine Path, and as such cannot be ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’.

When we accept that we are on our Divine Path, we launch into a higher vibrational state that allows us to create with greater velocity. On the flip side, when we resist what is, we launch into an equally powerful vibrational velocity but in the opposite direction of our dreams.

In Dr. David Hawkin’s book, Power Vs. Force, Dr. Hawkin’s has calibrated the levels of consciousness (emotional scale) with the science of applied kinesiology.

On his map of consciousness, as it’s called, Desire is at a level of 125 (on a scale of 0 to 1000). This means that Desire is 75 degrees South of the first ascending (or positive) emotion, which is courage at a level of 200. When you look at the map, it becomes remarkably clear where you are in relationship to the essence of your desire. When you know where you are on the map, you can choose to take the steps to get to your destination of choice both physically and emotionally (vibrationally).

Negative, in conscious creation terminology does not mean ‘bad’. Therefore, it’s not that desire is a ‘bad’ thing but it is ‘negative’ in its ability to magnetize. Desire is the launching pad upon which a conscious creator begins to build and attract their dreams. However, desire alone is simply not enough for the creative force of magnetic attraction to work in our affirmative favor.

Desire still vibrates in the ‘negative’ because it is a descending emotion hatched out of a ‘lack’ point of view; the realization or acknowledgement that what we currently have isn’t everything that we want.

This is NOT a bad thing and in fact compared to the lower level emotions of fear, grief, apathy, guilt and shame it’s extremely positive! The shifting of our perspective from what is to what we want (desire) is a crucial, necessary, inescapable component of conscious creation. Therefore, in no way is ‘desire’ to be perceived as something to fear or avoid. However, desire is only the starting point; the beginning of the new creation.

For example, if you’ve ever experienced modest to severe depression or know anyone who has, then you know there’s nothing that a person who is depressed desires more than to be happy; they want and desire desperately to feel better.

However, their desire to feel better isn’t enough to make it so. Research has shown that individuals who are depressed are far more likely to solicit negative feedback that confirms their feelings about themselves than to solicit positive feedback. (Source: Self-Verification in Clinical Depression: The Desire for Negative Evaluation, from The Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 1996, Vol. 105, No. 3, 358- 368)

Knowing what we know about the Law of Attraction, if desire were enough to ‘consciously create’ then depressed individuals would be inspired to seek positive feedback that supports their desire, not the opposite.

Anyone that has overcome depression has taken their desire to the next level. They have moved up their emotional scale. They’ve transformed their desire into emotions with greater attractive abilities such as anger and pride (still vibrational descending but not as “negative” as desire alone).

Then, if they continue up the emotional scale to total recovery, they will transform their depression by taking their desire into the realms of courage, willingness, acceptance, reason, and finally into love, joy, peace and gratitude.

Metaphysical teachers agree that desire is a necessary ingredient for change. However, they will also agree that it is not only desire that is necessary for conscious creation but desire and allowing (see Abraham); desire and expectation (see A Course in Miracles), desire and faith (see any religious text).

When combined with allowing, detachment, courage, willingness, joy, love, peace, and certainty, desire is productive and positively creative. When desire is launched without these vibrations of expectancy and confidence, it is still creative but not as optimally positive and transformative.

Jim Carrey, America’s funny man whose movie credits include Ace Venture, Dumb and Dumber, Bruce Almighty, The Truman Show, etc., used both the Law of Attraction and Desire when he wrote himself a $20,000,000.00 check and put it into his wallet.

Then, he took that desire and added a fine heaping of courage, willingness, optimism, and tenacity. He boldly auditioned and knocked on doors until someone gave him a chance to ‘do his thing’. It has been reported that when he was just 10 years old, he submitted his resume to the Carol Burnett show.

When he signed the contract for The Cable Guy, he was awarded the honor of being the first comedian to earn $20 Million for a film. Do you think it was coincidence or creation?

Again, desire is important, positive and essential when applying the Spiritual Laws of the Universe. And, without the other ingredients of ‘courage, willingness, allowing, certainty, faith, etc.’ it is only a launching pad hosting a dream that never gets the opportunity to fly.