We live in a world of confusion that has its origin in the state of confusion existing within the minds of the vast majority of human beings on Earth. Animals do not have the complicating factor of a sophisticated brain so they react instinctively in accordance with their nature and their actions have immediate consequences. But because most people do not understand the power of the human mind and its capability to affect their lives by projecting unconscious confusion, they are not able to comprehend why things appear to be going wrong in their lives. People’s actions can have immediate consequences but they can also have more subtle long term consequences that may not be easily interpreted in terms of logical analysis. There is no simple answer to the question about why bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. But there is a phenomenon concerning confusion that could use some clarification.

Most people do not know and understand their basic human nature. They complicate their own lives by being confused about who they really are and what they want from life. This confusion translates into a very subtle energy transfer that affects external events. If people are asked the question “Who are you?”, some of their common answers are:

· I am (whatever their name is).
· I am a (whatever their job is).
· I am a (man) or I am a (woman).
· I am a (Christian), I am a (Muslim), or I am (Jewish), etc.
· I am a (father), I am a (mother), I am a (bachelor), I am a (husband/wife), etc.

If people are asked the question “What do you want?”, some of their common answers are:

· I want a nice place to live, I want to own my home.
· I want to fall in love, I want to get married, I want to have a family.
· I want a really nice car, I want a boat, I want a recreational vehicle, etc.
· I want to be a (doctor, nurse, teacher, actor, etc.), I want a career, I want to be rich.

One problem is that people identify with what role they are playing in life and not with who they really are as quantum units of the infinite and eternal Divine Spirit. The infinite Spirit is not limited by human concepts and should not be labeled in terms of any one religion or any particular system of belief. Some words that approach an approximate description of Divine Spirit are unconditional love, eternal life, happiness, and peace. Not many people would answer the question “Who are you?” with any of those words because they have not yet realized their true nature. The other problem here is that people identify transitory targets for their desires and the only universally true statement that can be made is that we live in a universe where all things change. Objects come and objects go. People change and people die. It is wiser to seek real peace of mind and happiness that is not goal oriented because those qualities derive from the only thing in this world that can actually be controlled – our own attitudes. The ramification of identifying with changeable concepts adversely affects people’s lives because the result can be dissatisfaction, frustration and even anger with what is perceived to be failure when it finally becomes apparent that the attainment of transitory goals and desires often leads to unhappiness.