Letterheads definitely add to the show professionalism in your business. Professional looking letterheads and business cards must definitely be the first thing you should consider in investing on when you are just starting a business.

Designing your own letterhead and business card need not cost so much as you can design it on your own if you have limited budget. There are already a lot of websites that caters to help new businesses create a logo and thus creating letterhead in the process as well.

Adobe Illustrator is just one program software that offers letterhead templates. You dont have to spend tons of money in hiring a professional designer to do the designs of your stationary for you.

Since you would be the one represented by your company and vice versa, you would be the best person to design your logo as well as your letterhead. Creating it on your own would add a more personal touch and besides, who else but you knows what your company stands for? The mission and the vision of your company and the identity that you wanted to create for your company.

No need to do it as elaborate as you can. You can stick to a simple design if thats what you can do and that is how you want your company to be known. Also making your design personal would also make it personal for others as well. And it would also make your company as personal as you can.

However, you should definitely make an investment in letterhead printing because this is the first contact that you would be having with your potential customers. When you give out direct mail announcing that your business is already on-going, you would want them to think that you are very professional.

In choosing for the right company to do your letterhead printing for you, you may want to look at the many online letterhead printing companies available. Most letterhead printing companies offer to send you samples of their past projects so that you may see what kind of work they do and the quality of work they have.

You may also choose to ask for a quote from the printing company suited to do your printing job for you. In this way, you would know if printing your letterhead in multiple copies would still suit your budget or should you be limit it to several copies first.

Getting the services of a professional printing company to print your letterheads for you may help you save on time, money and energy than just printing it by yourself. Most printing companies even give their customers discount if they would be bringing their printing needs to them more than once. And with the case of letterheads, it is a sure indicator that you would need to have it printed more than once.

A professional printing company would also extend its services to delivering your printed letterhead right at your doorstep that would save you on the trip to their location and give you more time to spend on other things as well.

So dont think twice about spending money on company letterheads because this would definitely mean that you are serious about your business and that you do things professionally. It would definitely pay off to invest in letterheads.