The Lamp

This Aladdins Magic Lamp thing is priceless and intriguing indeed. It is simple, yet so many people miss the power in this story and the relationship to them and it ability to help manifest anything they desire. Now, I hear people say things like, “if you can have anything you desire, why dont you desire to fly like a bird right now, without an airplane or other instrument, just with your arms.” My reply would be a non-emotional questions; “Why do you assume that I desire to fly like a bird in that manner?” Such things are not my desire, and doubters, and those with weak faith or fear of achievement only raise such questions. The doubting questions are camouflage for the deep hurt and insecurity. Desires are! Desire is THE GREAT ALL, knocking at your door, seeks expression through you in lifes earthly form. You dont seek, accomplishments, goals dreams, vision and great things by having the desire, the desire seeks you out! I hear people ask, “Are you seeking God?” I say to them, “You dont seek God, God seeks you!” What an amazing difference in the mental state. If you are seeking good, (God) then what are you seeking? How can you seek something you dont understand or even know what it looks, feel and sounds like? Now, lets reverse this and say, “God, (Good) is seeking us out.” Since the presence of the Infinite Spirit is everywhere and all life is energy, in particular form from this Infinite Spirit, “it knows it own creation.” IT SEEKS YOU AND IT ALWAYS FINDS YOU, BECAUSE IT IS INSIDE OF YOU. This is so much easier and more soothing to the mind, body and soul, instead of trying to “find” THE GREAT ALL. The magic is there, right where you are at this very moment.

The Genie (Genius)

The genie in you is the magic, the beingness, and the concentration of the Infinite Spirit in particular forms. If we are a concentration of that GREAT LIFE PRINCIPLE, THAT ALL POWERFUL CREATOR, then the expression of that same GOD is our own expression in the most power way that can be. Therefore, you are complete and whole. Everything that God has, you have and your genie, (Indwelling Spirit) is the connection or the half of the whole. Your better half is the infinite intelligence we call GOD. How can you fail? How can you wish not be your command? If this omnipotent, omniscient force backs you, how can all things, wishes, dreams, and plans down to the smallest not be realized?