1. Use the forum to increase the outer chain

We know that the forum has a lot of signatures. Adding a signature to a forum with a high weight can be quickly included in the search engine, but the effect is also immediate, and then we can increase the outer chain. But this approach may be small, but note that you must make a link to a high-quality website.

2, the way to submit soft papers

If you write a soft text, you can write high-quality soft paper submissions on major websites or blogs, and leave a link address at the end of the article. If you click on it, there will be a large number of websites to reprint, you can get a considerable chain. .

3, the classification directory platform increases the outer chain

The classification directory is to sort the website information system systematically, and to provide a website directory organized by category. In each category, the website name, the website link, the content summary, and the sub-category directory belonging to this category are arranged in the category. Browse through the directory to find relevant websites. The catalogues are all very weighty, and as long as they are added, they can bring a stable high quality chain.

4, use the blog to increase the anti-chain

This is a way to increase backlinks, we can increase backlinks on large domestic platforms. But there must be a blog that can add the information in the blog and then add the link on the web. However, there are still some shortcomings, and it takes more time, and then the workload is relatively large. In fact, the links brought by general blogs are relatively stable.

In fact, there are still many strategies to improve the optimization of the external links of the website. We need to constantly explore, explore, practice, and we often encounter many problems in the study. We must face up and optimize the external links of the website.